Upcoming show with Jill Knight!

February 16th, Friday - Edo is playing with the fabulous singer/songwriter, Jill Knight! What: Jill Knight When: 8:00pm Friday, February 16, 2007 Cost: $20.00 Location: Where: Larkspur Café Theatre Magnolia Avenue 500 Larkspur CA 94939 Tel: 415.924.6107 http://www.larkspurcafetheatre.com On Friday, February 16, 2007, The Larkspur Café Theatre invites you to an exhilarating evening of music and celebration with singer/songwriter, Jill Knight. Born in South Carolina and raised on an island just outside of Savannah Georgia, Knight's soulful sound is unmistakable. Her lyrics are poetic, well crafted and poignant, powerfully moving the audience through the many facets of any heart-felt relationship. Her presence onstage is as intimate and engaging as her songwriting. Performing are Jill Knight/Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals, Jeri Jones/Lead Guitar, Pam Delgado/Percussion & Vocals, Edo Castro/Bass and Dawn Richardson/Drums India Arie once quoted, "I love great voices and when I heard Jill sing it stopped me in my tracks." She later asked Knight to be her opening act.
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