Was it real?

You know I tell folks this story about how I played this set back in Chicago with Roy Haynes when I was in Music School and how at the end of the set he handed me his phone number in front of all my peers. I kind of started to wonder if that really happened, so I went and dug around my stuff looking for that number. Sure enough, there it was. I'm not sure if it's good but it's proof that it really happened. Oddly enough I found several other phone numbers too: David Amram, Steve Rodby, David Darling, Hassan Khan, Fareed Haque, Frank Mantooth and Rufus Reid! I saw Hassan at NAMM 06, Frank Mantooth passed away 2 years ago. I recently saw Fareed at Yoshi's in Oakland. I gave him a copy of my 2nd CD. Then Fareed asked me next time to bring my bass to one his shows to sit in, (yeah!) I haven't spoken to Steve Rodby since 1987,David Darling in 1994-95 and I played with David Amram back in 1988. We haven't spoken since. I need to do some catching up.
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